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[GM] Rain

Maintenance 02/13/2018

This post will be updated, not everything is finished.

Later on the week we will have more things done.

This post will be edited.

Thanks for supporting the server!


- Lowered the amount of WoEs in a week from 14 to 9

- Removed @punch, @event and @bg ( they're now under special warpers @warper in go 0 )

- Throw Tomahawk nerfed by 50%

- Cart Termination nerfed by 50%

- Double Strafe nerfed by 15%

- Coma Card on tarrot is now fixed

- Golden Thief Bug Card now blocks coma effect

- Assassin Cross Link has been nerfed from 100% Sonic blow damage to 50%

- Eske can't be used on players anymore

- Changed Slim Potion Pitch cooldown from 200ms to 150ms

- Changed Potion Pitch cooldown from 300ms to 250ms

- Changed Tracking cooldown from 250ms to 150ms

- Changed Sharp Shooting cooldown from 300ms to 150ms

- Reverse Tatami is working as intended

 - Rod [4] Now Boost Magic Crash Damage by 15%

- Strong Shield can now be worn by all classes

- Exaclibur Mana Axe now has a slot and also gives the correct effect

- Added Amaterasu Aura to beta coin shop

- Removed Bugged bubblegum lower from Hat Box

- Vendor Ring buffed from +5 all stats to +6 all stats 

- Falcon Ring buffed from +5 all stats to +6 all stats

- Removed Sonic Blow Skill from Ifrit Ring Combo

- Added 2 Headgears to Woe Ticket Shop

- Added 2 More Headgaers to Special Headgear Box

- Added 3 More Headgears to Donation Costume

- Woe Now Automatically rewards You 15 Woe Tickets after winning

- YGG Seed is now enabled in all maps except pvp/woe maps

- BF Recruiter Hat is now store able and tradeable

- Added Super Novice to Job Changer

- Moving 09:00 - 10:00 Woe to 1 Hour Later


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