Guild Package

[GM] Rain
By [GM] Rain in Events,
Hey Guys as Requested we have introduced our custom guild package. To Register for a guild package your guild needs to fill out this information and post a reply here. A Reminder that IP addresses will be checked and if any of them match it will result in you not receiving your g packages. You Guys will need at least 7 Members to register for a g package, any number lower will not be eligible to receive. *Note* If multiple people are playing in the same household, please provide some proof that each person exists. (ie. a picture with your ign or individual FB accounts.)   Guild Name: Guild Leader: Guild Members:   GUILD PACKAGE Includes - Gpack GTB 50% Magic Reduce
- Gpack MAX HP + 60% Def - 50 mdef - 50
- Gpack Deviling Add 40% Resist to Neutral, Recieve 50% more damage
- 2x Gpack White lady Increase Effect of heal, sanctuary, potion pitch by 15%
- Hydra Card x4 in gpack
- TG Card x4 in gpack
- Angeling Card
- Ghostring Card
- Gpack Gloom Under Night Increase by 20%
- 1 Beta Coin
- 500 Silver Coin
- 25 Bronze Coin
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