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Lil Xan

Guild Package

Since you guys are already testing WoE, maybe it's time to consider offering Guild Package for guilds migrating to the server? Since the population is low, I'd suggest the minimum members to be around 5. This can give the server a boost in terms of population and also competition. As for the contents, I'll put them in a list but of course you guys should decide. It's just what I think is fair for the existing players and also reasonable enough to entice potential players.

Gpack Contents:

- Bounded GTB (non-transferable by any means) or if you want make it a "Sealed" card where it's non-tradeable and has slightly less stats from the original version. Eg. Assuming Normal GTB magic immunity is 80%. Sealed GTB card will then have 70-75% immunity.

- 1 Additional headgear (on top of the one for beta tester)

- Some zeny maybe 10-50m each member

- Supplies like BOP? Converters if you're really generous.

Don't know anything else to put but you get the gist.

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Gpackage is something that we will be working for during the next update.

This will include MVP Cards that are not as strong as the original MVP Cards.

Example a Tao Card gives 100% HP, our modified Gpack version will give something lower like 60% base hp.

More Info Soon!

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