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  1. Welcome~ See you in game~ (:
  2. Works fine for me. Did you patch?
  3. Good luck~! (:
  4. We are still working on a fix. Sorry about the delay.
  5. Server is back up, some players are having problems logging in though.
  6. Update: Website back up! Still working on the login.
  7. Hey guys! For those of you posting in random places in the forums, I have deleted your posts. Yes, the server is currently down. We had a problem with our update and have lost connection to our host. Please stay tuned! Check out our discord for the most up to date information about this!
  8. Sup

    Hello~! Welcome to the server. Hope to see you in game (:
  9. We will be having a loading screen event in the future. Stay tuned~! We will also be having a server promotional video contest in the future. Thanks for all the suggestions! Keep them coming~!
  10. Thank you for your interest. We would prefer that you take the the time to familiarize with what our server offers and our players before you create a staff application. Given that you have done these, please feel free to update your application and notify a member of our staff to fully review your application in the future.
  11. If you are on our discord channel, there is a channel dedicated to event pings. Thank you for your suggestion. (: Approved.
  12. Please post the map and the coordinates of location. Winner will get to pick a custom headgear of their choice. You must be within 5 cells of where I am standing in the picture or you will not be crowned the winner! Please copy and paste the format below. IGN: Place: Example: Place #1: Winner - Archer Place #2: Winner - Yukihira Souma Place #3: Winner - Longadog Place #4: Winner - Lil Xan
  13. Wait... now I want to know where this is from. LOL.
  14. Could you show me this ingame? It works fine for me. Just tested it.
  15. Those sound like amazing events. We will look into them. MAKE RAIN SING :'D As for the cosplay event, we will have to wait until players get more headgears. There will be a loading screen/promotional video in the future. I announced in game I would be having an ingame event from the forums already. There will not be a set schedule however we will be adding more forum events at random times so everyone has a chance to win something as long as they check the forums often. (: