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  1. 10 More Items have been added!
  2. Hey Guys we did a quick maintenance today for a few fixes The Big Update will occur on Sunday as our weekly maintenance expect more things! RUN UR PATCHERS Remember to wish [GM] Divine a happy birthday since its his bday today! Changes - Added Many Customs, will be released slowly with the BG / Instance Dungeon - Added @checkresist command This Command will show you every elemental resist that you currently have with the items / cards your using It also includes range resist and Demi Human Resist - Added 12 More Items to Special Headgear Box The Current List of special Headgear box items will be updated with screenshots of which items were added - Added 5 More Items to WOE Shop - Added 1 Item to Donation Costume Updated List Here
  3. yes there are a few, we will update the list here
  4. Its updated!
  5. Hey guys the Valentines Event is now released, ill leave a explanation here on how to complete the quest. Instructions : ^ You can start the event in @go 0 ( skypiea ) - Cupido will ask you to bring him : 200 Immortal Hearts, 200 Stone Hearts & 1 Bloody Edge. When you give him the quest items he'll warp you to the next quest NPC, named Unknown. ^ Next quest NPC named Unnown hides in xmas_in 177, 177. - Unknown wants you to bring him : 50 Sharp Leafs, 150 Bear's Footskins & 300 Bee Stings. When you give him the quest items he'll warp you to the next quest NPC, named Manifesto. ^ Manifesto is a fairy scientist, located at jawaii 204, 290 . - Manifesto wants you to bring her : 30 Bill of Birds, 130 Black Ladles & 140 Wooden Hearts. After that she'll warp you to Cherry, the daughter of the Great Nature. ^Location : 1@mist 324 136 Cherry needs material to heal her sick Mother, Bring her : 50 Stem, 200 Brigans, 30 Broken Needles, 70 Brown Roots & 120 Burning Hearts. After you bring her the material she will warp you to her mother who's no longer ill, thanks to you! Talk to Great Nature & Receive your Valentine Reward, you'll get a random valentine headgear. These are limited edition for the DivineRO Valentine Event of 2018. NOTE: You can only do this quest once per character Happy Valentine! - DivineRO [GM] Team
  6. Hey Guys We will have our weekly Maintenance this Sunday again. Ill also post the changes i made this week in this change log as well Changes - Palm Push Strike Delay has been changed from 250ms to 175ms - Sharp Shooting Delay has been changed from 125ms to 105ms - Tracking Delay has been changed from 140ms to 100ms - Valentines Day Event has started, you can find the npc in @go 0 - Reverse Tatami Should be working as suggested - Spear Boomerang Duration has changed from 1000ms to 675ms - Cast Off Cecedia Shell cooldown has been changed from 1000ms to 750ms - 09:00 - 10:00 Woe Time has been adjusted to 1 hour later to 10:00 - 11:00 - Added Forums Ranks with pictures above your name, and under your name: These ranks will change depending on the amount of posts you have - Added Ragnarok Emotes to the Emoticons on the forums SOON - Updated List of Special HG Items
  7. Were doing mainteance , 40-45 minutes till its up we will post on the forums and updates on discord when were done
  8. Welcome to the server! If you have any questions, feel free to pm me here or join the discord!
  9. This post will be updated, not everything is finished. Later on the week we will have more things done. This post will be edited. Thanks for supporting the server! Changes - Lowered the amount of WoEs in a week from 14 to 9 - Removed @punch, @event and @bg ( they're now under special warpers @warper in go 0 ) - Throw Tomahawk nerfed by 50% - Cart Termination nerfed by 50% - Double Strafe nerfed by 15% - Coma Card on tarrot is now fixed - Golden Thief Bug Card now blocks coma effect - Assassin Cross Link has been nerfed from 100% Sonic blow damage to 50% - Eske can't be used on players anymore - Changed Slim Potion Pitch cooldown from 200ms to 150ms - Changed Potion Pitch cooldown from 300ms to 250ms - Changed Tracking cooldown from 250ms to 150ms - Changed Sharp Shooting cooldown from 300ms to 150ms - Reverse Tatami is working as intended - Rod [4] Now Boost Magic Crash Damage by 15% - Strong Shield can now be worn by all classes - Exaclibur Mana Axe now has a slot and also gives the correct effect - Added Amaterasu Aura to beta coin shop - Removed Bugged bubblegum lower from Hat Box - Vendor Ring buffed from +5 all stats to +6 all stats - Falcon Ring buffed from +5 all stats to +6 all stats - Removed Sonic Blow Skill from Ifrit Ring Combo - Added 2 Headgears to Woe Ticket Shop - Added 2 More Headgaers to Special Headgear Box - Added 3 More Headgears to Donation Costume - Woe Now Automatically rewards You 15 Woe Tickets after winning - YGG Seed is now enabled in all maps except pvp/woe maps - BF Recruiter Hat is now store able and tradeable - Added Super Novice to Job Changer - Moving 09:00 - 10:00 Woe to 1 Hour Later
  10. lol no its not, thanks for the report ill talk to these guys.
  11. I rewarded your guild member, he has your tickets. Ill fix this issue and the rewards will be given automatically
  12. Hey guys we have been reading your suggestions and completed a bunch of them during this maintenance. If theres something that we didn't finish it was due to lack of time and we will have it done randomly during the week. Reminder that the 50% Bonus Donation Promo will continue until the end of February Remember to patch your client I also want to announce that we made it to The Top 3 Super High Rate Servers on ratemyserver.net, and to thank you for the support we will have a surprise closer to the date of Valentines Day. A hint will be shown in this thread. Changes - The Woe Times that we will use are now 09:00 - 10:00 and 20:00 - 21:00 (Server Time) - Added Woe For Both Saturday , Sunday - Added Donation Costumes Currently 10 Options priced at 50 Credits each - Introduced Amasteru Aura effect Level 1 Wall of Fog - Quest has been added for Amasteru Aura - Added Amasteru Aura to Donation Shop - Added A Few Commands for the lower Level GameMasters, can hold better events - Added Woe Ticket Shop, Sells Costume Headgears - Added Additional Prize to Woe, "Woe Tickets" - Woe Will now reward you 15 Woe Tickets Per Win - Traps being invisible is a client issue, and will be resolved in the upcoming maintenance, also when some Devotion Skills not showing up - Your own guild members can't walk on your own traps - Stat Rings now give +17 instead of +14 - Orbs now give +8 instead of +6 stats - Vendor Ring now gives +5 all stats from +3 - Falcon Ring now gives +5 all stats from +3 - Magic Crash Damage has been boosted by 10% - Boosted Finger Offensive by 5% - Changed Cooldown of Asura from 3 seconds to 1 seconds - Elemental Change Last 3 Minutes - Lowered Delay on Ganbatein - Lowered Delay on Slim Potion Pitch from 275ms to 200ms - Lowered Delay on Resu Homun from 7000ms to 5000ms - Lowered Delay on Falcon Assault from 3000ms to 1500ms - Lowered Delay on Magnum Break from 2000ms to 1500ms - Ice Wall is enabled in PvP but stays disabled in Woe - Added delay to Icewall 1500ms - YGG Seeds are now enabled in all maps but pvp maps - Boosted Double Straf Damage by 5% - Added 21 Headgears to Hat Box - Added 10 Headgears to Special Hat Box We also reached top 3 on ratemyserver.net! Thanks For the ongoing support guys!
  13. you probably logged the wrong password too many times try again in 10 minutes
  14. Team Pota Rewarded Members - Putototy - lllDewlll Still Need to Reward - Carnage - Tirador - Gunplay - Morimvp
  15. Let me know what happens after you download the full installer.