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  1. IGN: Realms
  2. Are there new headgears ?
  3. Please update this section
  4. You're still a Rogue try being a Stalker for real then you might get the skill.
  5. IGN : Andrea
  6. Buying >>>>> Chaos Orbs Kiel Bacsojin Deviling Ears Dowry Bandaid VH Twin Bunnies
  7. Selling >>>> [Cards] Detale Gloom Randgris [Costumes] Frog Hood Bunny Hood Black Bunny Hood Gangster's Scarf Hunter's Cap Festival Pumpkin Hat Deviruchi Hat
  8. Karaoke Event. Cosplay Event. And ..... An interactive event where you make a video of yourself in real life or anything that may be advertised to invite more players and let them know that this server is really fun
  9. (Andrea) GM Application Name : Alexandria Velasco Ingame Name (s) : Alexandria / Andrea / Alexa Location : Philippines Time Zone ( GMT ) : GMT+8 Spoken Languages : English / Filipino Age : 18 How experienced are you with playing Ragnarok Online? - Not that sophisticated but I'm proficient enough to know the basics and mechanics. How long have you been playing DivineRO? - Since it opened up How well do you know DivineRO's Rules? - I'm very familiar with it. It would be best to be rules-wise but all you need is common sense and be fair. Prior GM experience on other RO Server : Empyreal RO How long? - Since it opened until it closed down. Which position? - Event / Helper GM How many hours can you be online a day? - For a regular day 6-12 Hours How long in the weekends? - On weekends probably 12-20 Hours What position are you applying for? ( Co- Admin, Head GM, Forum Moderator, Event GM, Police GM, Support GM, Player Helper ) - I am applying for (Event / Helper) Position How do you deal with Criticism? - You don't just barge in and then decide what's gonna happen, what you need to do is analyze the situation and don't be biased. How do you deal with Errors ingame? - Report them to the Admin and help the player who's having difficulties. How do you want to be a GM? - I want to be the most influential GM in this server, to make the community always blissful even if I'm mainly sad . Kidding . Always smile folks What can you contribute to DivineRO as GM? : - I can contribute a lot of help for players and staffs as well. Provide an actively growing community and generate entertainment for players, because that's what players need. ENTERTAINMENT Cheers !! <3 :3 if chosen, what is the first thing you'll do as GM? : - If hired by chance, I'll be guiding new players of course, since this is a fresh server and when the community is well-grown then maybe we can hosts some events (If the head would allow it) <3 :3
  10. IGN: Realms