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  2. (IGN) GM Application Name : Andrea Salazar Davila Ingame Name (s) : Yuffa Location : Mexico Time Zone ( GMT ) : UTC -6 Spoken Languages : Spanish and English 70% Age : 15 How experienced are you with playing Ragnarok Online? Not so much i been playing Ragnarok again i been played for 3 months but i really find me again with the game and my decision to be a GM its because i been watching the other players and they need help when another GM arent there and my timezone will help with the players who are playing when another GMs are sleeping How long have you been playing DivineRO? Like 2 weeks and i loved the server How well do you know DivineRO's Rules? Very well Prior GM experience on other RO Server : No How long? Which position? How many hours can you be online a day? Like 5 hours How long in the weekends? Like 2-3 hours What position are you applying for? ( Co- Admin, Head GM, Forum Moderator, Event GM, Police GM, Support GM, Player Helper ) Event GM, Support GM, Player Helper. How do you deal with Criticism? Very good i dont care so much about them :3 How do you deal with Errors ingame? Well i will try until maximum to deal with them and i dont give up until it has fixed What can you contribute to DivineRO as GM? : Help players, and making new ideas to the server if chosen, what is the first thing you'll do as GM? : Present me with the players and help them the much as i can Thanks for reading this topic.
  3. IGN: Yuffa
  4. The server i ON
  5. Excuse me until what time will the error last?
  6. Hi! ID: Yuffa Youre server is awesome