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    Hey Guys we did a quick maintenance today for a few fixes The Big Update will occur on Sunday as our weekly maintenance expect more things! RUN UR PATCHERS Remember to wish [GM] Divine a happy birthday since its his bday today! Changes - Added Many Customs, will be released slowly with the BG / Instance Dungeon - Added @checkresist command This Command will show you every elemental resist that you currently have with the items / cards your using It also includes range resist and Demi Human Resist - Added 12 More Items to Special Headgear Box The Current List of special Headgear box items will be updated with screenshots of which items were added - Added 5 More Items to WOE Shop - Added 1 Item to Donation Costume Updated List Here
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    Thanks for the help. Just downloaded the full installer. It worked. Thank you!
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    PS : It's working now.
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    Thank you for the reward GM RAIN!
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    First Gpack Given to Knights Of Blood Oath Guild
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    Guild Name: KnightsOfTheBloodOath Guild Leader:Xayne Guild Members: BladerZ AmadoCarillo Chaotix Data Mang Kanor Yukihira Souma gunman Zerith Ebas Stellar Wrath Denied LORD KAZUKI Twix
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    Hello All! So it came to my attention that some of you are not sure what are the % chance of refining their gears! Well look no further I will be giving the exact percentages that each + requires and even from 0 to the number you desire (I.E: from +0 to +7). Now for ENRICHED METALS There you go Guys Enjoy!!
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    Hey guys it is I again! I've seen a couple of newbies/newcomers ask around for events. Just in case if you don't know about it this server has plenty of automated events (they become boring with time but still a good way to gain coins) PORING EVENT First, we have the most popular one, the PORING EVENT. It starts off by shouting in yellow throughout the whole server (so no need to be scared you will see when the event starts) that a huge number of porings invaded X town so please go help by killing them. It is as easy as it sounds just teleport there by using @warp or @go. Poring are the weakest monster in the game so at any level this shouldn't be a problem for you. Now 100 porings appears in the specified town. Your job is to kill as many of them as possible. Some of them will drop bronze coins and silvers coins, 5 of them will drop DivineRO coins and most of them will drop nothing. However, nothing isn't a bad thing.. The porings that do not drop anything give the most poring points which then can be exchanged at the Exchange npc in the quest room for an item of your choice. * Note: All the porings killed gives poring points. Also to identify a Poring with DivineRO coin simply identify the poring that runs the fastest! LAST MAN STANDING EVENT This one is also a popular one, players get to show how strong they are for a good cause. If you are the last man standing in the room you get a prize which for now is a DivineRO coin. The event is pretty self explanatory. When it comes on the server will shout in yellow once again that it is starting. It gives you around a minute or 2 to get ready and teleport to the emplacement. Simply follow the instructions given by the npcs and everything will be fine. To resume, may the strongest win. DISGUISE EVENT Personally i do not play this one because the only reward is bronze coins but if you're in need of zeny then perhaps you can attend it once in a while plus it passes time so it's not all bad. For this one you only need to teleport to the npc using @event and it will clearly gives you the instruction on how to proceed. But here they are .. The npc will disguise itself onto a monster and your job is to shout the appropriate name of the monster before anyone else does. So this event combines dexterity and memory. May the fastest win. MUSHROOM EVENT This is perhaps the most useless automated event in the server. No one ever attends it but heck since i'm doing the guide might as well explain it. The logic is pretty simple 5 mushrooms will appear in a town and your job is to find and destroy them. The only hick is that its rewards is 1 bronze coin per mushroom and it takes time to find a single mushroom in a town so yeah pretty useless but if its your thing then go for it. Again, the emplacement will be given so do not worry. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If there's anything i missed please comment If not Enjoy!! Hope it is helpful for some of you
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    Please update this section
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    Hello, there. I am new to this server and in fact, still downloading the client... So, I'll have to wait to supply any of you with character names. I look forward to meeting each of you, as I recognize this seems to be a lower population server. Let's grow together. O:
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    Hey guys we have been reading your suggestions and completed a bunch of them during this maintenance. If theres something that we didn't finish it was due to lack of time and we will have it done randomly during the week. Reminder that the 50% Bonus Donation Promo will continue until the end of February Remember to patch your client I also want to announce that we made it to The Top 3 Super High Rate Servers on ratemyserver.net, and to thank you for the support we will have a surprise closer to the date of Valentines Day. A hint will be shown in this thread. Changes - The Woe Times that we will use are now 09:00 - 10:00 and 20:00 - 21:00 (Server Time) - Added Woe For Both Saturday , Sunday - Added Donation Costumes Currently 10 Options priced at 50 Credits each - Introduced Amasteru Aura effect Level 1 Wall of Fog - Quest has been added for Amasteru Aura - Added Amasteru Aura to Donation Shop - Added A Few Commands for the lower Level GameMasters, can hold better events - Added Woe Ticket Shop, Sells Costume Headgears - Added Additional Prize to Woe, "Woe Tickets" - Woe Will now reward you 15 Woe Tickets Per Win - Traps being invisible is a client issue, and will be resolved in the upcoming maintenance, also when some Devotion Skills not showing up - Your own guild members can't walk on your own traps - Stat Rings now give +17 instead of +14 - Orbs now give +8 instead of +6 stats - Vendor Ring now gives +5 all stats from +3 - Falcon Ring now gives +5 all stats from +3 - Magic Crash Damage has been boosted by 10% - Boosted Finger Offensive by 5% - Changed Cooldown of Asura from 3 seconds to 1 seconds - Elemental Change Last 3 Minutes - Lowered Delay on Ganbatein - Lowered Delay on Slim Potion Pitch from 275ms to 200ms - Lowered Delay on Resu Homun from 7000ms to 5000ms - Lowered Delay on Falcon Assault from 3000ms to 1500ms - Lowered Delay on Magnum Break from 2000ms to 1500ms - Ice Wall is enabled in PvP but stays disabled in Woe - Added delay to Icewall 1500ms - YGG Seeds are now enabled in all maps but pvp maps - Boosted Double Straf Damage by 5% - Added 21 Headgears to Hat Box - Added 10 Headgears to Special Hat Box We also reached top 3 on ratemyserver.net! Thanks For the ongoing support guys!
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    I rewarded your guild member, he has your tickets. Ill fix this issue and the rewards will be given automatically
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    good updates bro. but i wonder about the woe tickets. didnt get them after woe today GM Rain thanks -GayMoves
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    You're still a Rogue try being a Stalker for real then you might get the skill.
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    stalker has no fullstrip
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    IGN: YaoMing Thx also new player here, but is the beta coin starter pack done already?
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    GPackLong Rewarded Members - Dhea - Manong - Fck u GurtajDivine - WildTrick - LORD KAZUKI
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    IGN: Allegretto
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    IGN: Sigvard Thanks for the gifts!!
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    IGN : Meliaficent
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    IGN : MorihismaKeiko
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    sir how can i type my in game here
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    IGN; IkIK Main; SInx
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    (IGN) GM Application Name : Andrea Salazar Davila Ingame Name (s) : Yuffa Location : Mexico Time Zone ( GMT ) : UTC -6 Spoken Languages : Spanish and English 70% Age : 15 How experienced are you with playing Ragnarok Online? Not so much i been playing Ragnarok again i been played for 3 months but i really find me again with the game and my decision to be a GM its because i been watching the other players and they need help when another GM arent there and my timezone will help with the players who are playing when another GMs are sleeping How long have you been playing DivineRO? Like 2 weeks and i loved the server How well do you know DivineRO's Rules? Very well Prior GM experience on other RO Server : No How long? Which position? How many hours can you be online a day? Like 5 hours How long in the weekends? Like 2-3 hours What position are you applying for? ( Co- Admin, Head GM, Forum Moderator, Event GM, Police GM, Support GM, Player Helper ) Event GM, Support GM, Player Helper. How do you deal with Criticism? Very good i dont care so much about them :3 How do you deal with Errors ingame? Well i will try until maximum to deal with them and i dont give up until it has fixed What can you contribute to DivineRO as GM? : Help players, and making new ideas to the server if chosen, what is the first thing you'll do as GM? : Present me with the players and help them the much as i can Thanks for reading this topic.
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    IGN: Bio Lidya thank gm gurtaj
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    ign gunman sir..
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    Guild Name: Warriors Guild Leader: Humble Guild Members: Paopao Davsion Aiz RJ Bryan Ezna Crucial Meliaficent Nigganon Cynosure Bosx1s begum Bolang lllllllllllllll
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    IGN : Crucial Thanks GM's.
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    IGN: llllllllllllllllllllll
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    We will be having a loading screen event in the future. Stay tuned~! We will also be having a server promotional video contest in the future. Thanks for all the suggestions! Keep them coming~!
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