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  1. Earlier
  2. Good to know the problem was solved
  3. The issue was resolved by itself. I need to try it again and again to make it to work. Case closed. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I am having issues running Divine RO on my Windows 10 computer. It seems it's stuck with "Saving Resource...". I'll be attaching the screenshot of the issue as well as the specs of my PC. I have left my PC on all night and it looks like the the progress bar isn't moving. I tried restarting my PC, checking if I have enough storage, and installing the Full Client but the same problem happens. I am running the DivineRO patcher and all patches seems to be downloaded just fine and it's just the "Saving Resource..." that seems to be the issue. Please help. Thanks!
  5. I also just like that new fitting for the id fit want to change hair from the number 1 I push back even error
  6. First of all, please welcome our new staff member GM Choksae ( Support GM ) - Installed our new website www.divine-ro.com ( check it out! ) - Added 4 new donate costume headgears *Costume Itachi Skeletal Susanoo ( effect: +4% Fire Resistance & STR +2 ) *Costume Matabi's Essence ( effect: +4% Earth Resistance & INT+2 ) *Costume Shukaku's Lightning ( effect: +4% Wind Resistance & DEX+2 ) *Costume Chakra ( effect: +4% Water Resistance & AGI +2 ) - Added 7 new headgears in Special Headgear Box ( Will be updated soon ) - Added 4 new headgears in the Hat Box ( Will be updated soon ) - Nerfed Assassin Cross : Soul Link Sonic Blow damage by 10% - Boosted Super Novice base HP by 10% - Gunslinger Desperado skill fixed AoE Range ( was 5x5, now 7x7 ) More Updates following this week!
  7. IGN: Gindaco
  8. Meng*
  9. Mong
  10. IGN : Boom
  11. yep just pm me on the forums with your ign, ill come online and compensate
  12. IGN: Klaud
  13. Why my items arent the same when the last time i play the game? It was reversed to the time when i dont have int ring but i surely do i have one before the server down occur. please bring back the items cards and drc that ive been saving.
  14. IGN: Radioactive
  15. Yukihira Souma
  16. IGN: Kein
  17. IGN: Amazing
  18. ign: gunman sir
  19. ign DEW
  20. IGN: Realms
  21. IGN: Cynosure
  22. IGN: Voidboss
  23. +1
  24. IGN Zayne
  25. Wrath
  26. IGN: Metin06
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